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A Moment of Opportunity


As a powerful commercial real estate firm, clients count on us to advise them in evaluating all phases of their specific, and often unique, real estate goals. Combining deep relationships with execution experience, we offer insightful and qualified advice in all phases of implementing real estate strategies.

We are nimble by design. Our nimbleness allows us to quickly react to the demands of a dynamic marketplace. The proposition that bigger firms are better isn’t true – we submit that excellence is better.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you.

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Jarvis strives to minimize our impact on the environment.

The next few decades are pivotal for people and the planet. We’ll work with your senior management to create sustainability goals, requirements and greenhouse reduction targets. As well as continuously work to identify new ways to understand and manage the environmental impacts. This crucial element sets the tone for the entire organization and shows partners, stakeholders and employees that company leadership views sustainability as an important enabler of improving the planet.

This challenge has led us to rethink the way resources are used at our own company. As we grow, we encourage our team to identify products that sharply reduce the use of energy and water. Urging them to park their cars and bike or utilize public transportation more often.


Different People. Different Perspectives. Better Outcomes.

Jarvis is committed to ensuring our team reflects the city and communities where we operate. We firmly believe that creating new partnerships where there are diverse ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives creates client value. We submit that diversity makes us think differently, approach challenges differently and solve problems differently. As a result, innovation flourishes when we bring a broader range of unique perspectives.

Leadership - The New Establishment

Ernest Drew Jarvis

CEO/Managing Principal


Ernest (“Ernie”) Drew Jarvis is a recognized leader with exceptional knowledge of, and relationships in, the region’s commercial real estate and business communities. Combining unique roles in management, tenant representation, and asset ownership responsibilities, he has the depth of experience to craft the very best real estate strategies. Ernie has had senior leadership roles in two publicly traded commercial real estate companies, including having served as CBRE’s Washington, D.C. Market Leader, one of CBRE’s largest offices. MORE

Judi Garrett

Senior Vice President
Judi Simon Garrett has 30 years’ experience as a senior leader, policy advisor, and attorney in the federal government, including a decade as a member of the Senior Executive Service. Judi successfully transitioned to commercial real estate propelled by her sharp analytic abilities and outstanding communication skills. MORE

Bobby Kauffman

Vice President
Bobby Kauffman delivers exceptional service to a diverse group of clients, including nonprofits, associations, and corporations. Bobby’s strong negotiating skills and ability to craft creative client solutions, combined with his strategic perspective, have aided his clients in achieving optimal real estate results. MORE